Therapeutic Change in Santa Cruz


In the not-so-distant past, therapists were consulted only in the case of severe mental illness, as a doctor is only consulted in the case of physical illness. But just as people are beginning to take charge of their own physical health by eating well, exercising, and learning about the body, the same thing is happening with mental health.

The social stigma of seeing a “shrink” is disappearing because people are looking for a better overall quality of life, which not only includes physical health, but an education about managing emotions and relationships. The terms "therapy" and "counseling" are being replaced with the term “coaching” because a person doesn't have to be “crazy” to benefit from seeking out coaching to understand and succeed in managing relationships and emotions.

Therapy is an Education

Just as a person doesn't get good at riding a bike automatically, we don’t get good at managing relationships and emotions automatically. Being good at managing emotions and relationships is a skill that has to be learned and practiced in relationship. Currently, coaching/therapy is one of the few ways to learn about and practice these skills.


The concept of Self includes not only who a person is individually, but also their relationship with others in their lives: Who they are with family, friends, community, and society. Sometimes it is difficult to keep self when faced with pressures from others around us. Therapeutic work includes the journey of discovering true self alone and in relationship.


We live in a world of extremes. We are liberal OR conservative, giving OR selfish, happy OR sad, motivated OR lazy, rich OR poor, introverted OR extroverted. Where is the balance? Isn’t it OK to be both? How does one find balance in an extreme world? How do we separate the conflicting messages coming at us and learn to find stability within our own psyche? Humans are social beings. No matter how much we read/learn about balance, we must practice it with other humans.

The therapeutic relationship is a relationship in balance. It is a safe place where one can say anything without fear of judgment. By verbalizing one’s inner doubts, secrets, and extremes it is possible through conversation, coaching and time for an individual to achieve calm and uncover the balance that has always existed.

Growth in Times of Crisis

Frequently we put off seeking help until there is some type of emotional crisis. It is often during a major life event (i.e. divorce/break-up, death of a loved one, a career/job move, relocating, facing a substance abuse issue, having been diagnosed with an illness, etc.) that we find ourselves feeling so lost, we realize talking to someone who can help gain insight/understanding might help. By nature, humans resist change until our lives are so uncomfortable it is easier to face change than to remain the same.

Have you been Diagnosed with a Mental Illness?

If you've been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Depression, ADHD, or another mental illness and you're looking for a way of gaining an understanding and finding an alternative to medication for the rest of your life, talk therapy, specifically family systems therapy can be very helpful. Call today for a free consultation.


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