Divorce for your Children

On your wedding day, you believed it would be forever: Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen and as you know, you are not alone. If you and your spouse have attempted everything possible to have a fulfilling marriage including relationship classes, couple's counseling, and temporary separation, yet divorce seems inevitable, your first thought is about your children. How can we divorce with the least amount of impact on our children? Quite often there is a lot of conflict, distrust and harsh feelings toward your spouse which can get in the way of separating your lives with the smallest impact on you and your children.

Leaving the Children out of it

The best way to have the smallest impact on your children is guarding them emotionally from getting involved. This not only includes keeping them from the harsh details of what has happened with you and your spouse, but just as important is for you to find the emotional support, space and understanding you need to keep parenting in a helpful manner. In other words, the emotional impact of divorce on the parents is often so overwhelming that without help, an imprint is left on your children about relationships, how they end, and that they do end.

It takes a Village

You and your spouse will need support, time and space to process your own emotions while gaining an understanding of what happened. Along with your community of friends and family members to talk to, help care for your children, and help you to feel less alone, it is beneficial to have professionals you trust and can count on during this important and intense time in your family's life.

Quite often, it is in the separation of finances, property and child custody where all of the hurt unravels and tempers flare. Even with the best intentions, logic and concern for your children take a back seat. It is important to have help from ethical professionals who've helped many families through this process at this time of intensity.

The Ideal Divorce Solution - A collaborative practice Law Firm

The Ideal Divorce Solution version of collaborative practice rejects litigation and empowers clients, their spouses, and their children to move through the process of divorce with an eye to not only ending the relationship fairly, civilly and respectfully, but with an eye focused on each party beginning a healthy, positive new life. It allows the parties to manage their own affairs under the guidance of highly experienced professionals whose common goal is not to declare winners and losers, as judges are required to do, but to support the parties through the time of crisis by guiding them to reach mutually agreed upon results.

Marriage and Family Therapists recommend the Ideal Divorce Solution because these attorneys are ethical. They will not go to court and they put a cap on their fees, keeping their client's best interest at the center of the process.



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